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Hotels near the Promenade, Circular Quay, and the Casino in London

Located only minutes from the centre of London. Within walking distance to all the main shopping centres. Restaurants and local stores nearby. centrally located, bus stop, ice skating and casino are all close by. Wi Fi available.


Just walking distance to many of the major shops and restaurants in central park. The cobbled streets and many shops line the central park promenade making this place ideal for entertainment like apuestasycasino.online. The cobblestone path up to the top of the Promenade leads to the pavement that leads to the top of the central park promenade. The top of the windjammer is also a great place for entertainment as you watch the skaters perform. The best times to visit are mid winter when the snow starts to fall and the skating begins.


The Windjammer is located at the top of the central park promenade so the sun can shine down on you during the summer months. The restaurant, bars and restaurants located close to the windjammer make it ideal for dining. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and nightspots around the central park area so this makes for convenient dining. The dining rooms at the Windjammer are also located close to the restaurants and shops so you can grab a quick bite to eat during your breaks. The pool is also a great place to relax after a busy day of skating.


Just down the road from Windjammer is the Aqua Theatre which is one of the most popular attractions in all of London. Just opposite to the Windjammer is the Aqua Theatre which is London’s oldest aqua theatre. You can enjoy performances of live music, opera and comedy throughout the year.


Just a short walking distance from Windjammer is the Promenade Cafe. The Promenade Cafe is located in the centre of the central park and offers lots of snack and coffee outlets. It is the perfect place for families with kids because of the soft surfaces and even green trees. There is even a small kids corner where you can leave your little ones while you have a drink. The central park promenade also features many snack stalls and machine restaurants that are open late. You can enjoy a nice dinner overlooking the water and a movie with a great view from one of the machine restaurants.


Just a short walking distance from Windjammer and the Aqua Theatre is Johnny Rockets. The Aqua Theatre is one of London’s longest running theaters. This venue often has popular shows throughout the year but it is especially popular in the peak hours of the week. The Johnny Rockets location is located next to the Windjammer attraction and is right by the restaurant and bars. This makes it easy to grab some lunch or dinner while on your London tourist visit to explore what all the fuss is about on the Windjammer attraction, the Aquarium, the London Eye, and the London tube.