FSCB 2016-2017 Registration

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FSCB Blade Recognition Program

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We are excited to announce that we are able to provide our club with the opportunity to be a part of the Blade Recognition program.  The boards in the front vestibule showcase our skaters through the blades  which highlight our skaters levels.  Each skater may have up to three blades, one for Freestyle, Moves and Dance.  As the skater goes through testing their blade will be moved to recognize their accomplishments.
We are excited to offer this program.  There have been no additions to the program in at least four years so it will be fun to see our skaters blades go up and celebrate their accomplishments.  We are currently taking orders for the blades.  Please print out the order sheet under forms on the website.  We will begin placing orders over the next several weeks and will take orders through January 16, 2017.
The blade program was started years ago to recognize the accomplishments of our members.  It was such a huge success that we ran out of room in the front vestibule.  We are restructuring so that we can recognize our current members when you walk in to the club and provide us room for important club information.
We also want to continue to recognize our alumnae and past members.  In order to make room for the current club members we have set up a display case in the rink to highlight our alumnae and the club history.  Alumnae and previous members may pick up additional blades at the monitor desk.  If you had two or more blades, one is up in the display case as part of our history.  Additional blades are available at our monitor desk during club hours.  We do ask that you wait until five minutes after the sessions start to request blades.  All blades are in envelopes with your names on them.  The monitor will ask that you sign that you have picked them up.  If you are out of state you may contact a board member to make arrangements to have them sent.
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Holiday Extravaganza

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Tickets are now on sale!

December 10, 2016