Victor & Jenny Arata And Their Famous Roller-Skating Routines!

Victor and Jenny Arata are guaranteed to show you rollerblading in ways you most likely never imagined. Yes, this married couple has perfected actions and techniques that seem to even defy Earth’s own gravity! Using precision and athleticism, these death-defying partners rely on strength, skill and trust to ensure safety and stunning views for their audience! All the action is done on a custom made platform which, you guessed it, they spin really fast. But turning fast will shorten the action, and not all these daredevils get away with it! They add precise poses and forms that are integrated into a spinning dance that relies on years of practice and incredible strength and balance.

Aratas skating

But Victor is well prepared to make sure his wife is in safe hands, as he comes from a family full of artists who are used to staring at the face of death. Raised by a Trapeze artist and acrobat, his mother tried to teach him an action he could perfect that was less dangerous than flipping and spinning 100+ feet above the ground. He taught him and his siblings at first, the simple act of roller skating, but Victors’ natural fascination for thrills ensured he would put his own twist on the routine of adding new variables to the equation, someone else! Integrating his sister into the dangerous act of spinning, he will eventually impress many and raise more than a few important eyebrows. Since then,

Aratas Skating Shines in V

But Victors Sister then eventually left acting, after being injured during one of their practice routines, the family decided it was time for her to move on. Soon after Victor met Jennie, a former Russian-born figure skater, and decided she would be the one he would incorporate into acting. After a grueling 8-month training series, Jennie will develop the immense strength needed to stay safe in such dangerous situations. With her figure skating training, Jennie easily adapts to the spin and intensity of the action. But the two had to train together for a while before they dared to launch themselves in front of a live audience. After almost 3 years they finally decided they were ready and made it to the stage for the first time. Now having made appearances across the country, and even appearing as special guests on The Ellen Show and starring in many different charity events, The Aratas are nothing short of good press as they continue to circle the heart of Las Vegas. So check out one of the most thrilling and intimate duos of brave demons on the Las Vegas Strip today, and get your tickets to see “The Skating Aratas” on V! Best Variety Show of the day! 

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